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Amroha Engineering Inc., AEI, is a systems integration company in business since 1993. AEI's core expertise lies in large-scale integration of major commercial applications, software programming, high performance networks, database, security systems and Internet access. AEI has experience in the design, development and deployment of statistical analysis systems (datawarehouse and data-mining), hospital faciliation & clinical systems, financial systems, and online casino web sites. It is a fact that AEI is one of the pioneer system integrators of non-cash online casino systems. AEI built such a non-cash Online casino for San Francisco-based WagerWorks, Inc.

AEI maintains its offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, with technology resource pools located in California, New York, Vancouver, and Karachi, Pakistan. Its senior management and core technology architecture and design operations are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The site in Karachi provides AEI the advantage of achieving one of the best cost-performance ratio for programming and project management expertise.

Lines of Business
Security System Integration for Airports, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Real Estate AEI is an OEM manufacturer of security devices such as networked under vehicle imaging systems,passive IR devices and beam-break sensor devices.

AEI is a provider of consulting and system integration services for networked real-estate security systems using both wired and wireless (WiFi/GSM/GPRS) hardware and software. AEI's applications have varied from providing fiber optic networked security systems for major international airports to wireless security solutions for religious institutions. To provide a high degree of surveillance and intruder detection capabilities, AEI uses thermal imaging devices, active IR devices, night vision & IR cameras (both IP/mpeg and stadard video), as well as sonic instruments.
Consulting Services - Project Management, Process Re-engineering & System Acquisition: AEI provides consulting services for project management, process re-engineering & system acquisition. We perform a complete existing process analysis and BPR/BPI, requirements analysis and specification, RFI and RFP preparation, proposal and vendor evaluation and system installation & acceptance. AEI's clients have included the Alliance Home Health Care, Inc. of Walnut Creek, California.

AEI designed, developed and deployed this complex system. Click here for details.

System Engineering and Integration: AEI provides System Engineering and Integration of application-specific enterprise systems, from concept to deployment, including requirements analysis, system specification, architecture, database, networks and application design, development, and deployment. AEI produced one such high performance Online Casino game system for a joint venture between WagerWorks, Inc. and MGM-Mirage in Las Vegas, NV.
High performance Linux/UNIX servers with multiple Intel processors from AEI. Click here for details. OEM High-end Server Products: AEI is an OEM for high performance multi-processor Intel servers with RAID 1-5 and 1000/100 Ethernet. These servers come pre-configured with a selection from MS Windows NT/2000, Linux and FreeBSD/UNIX operating systems. System servers are available in 2U, 1U and Server Blade configurations, as well as Tower configurations.
High performance Linux/UNIX servers with multiple Intel processors from AEI. Click here for details. High-end Business Workstations are also available for high-performance application needs, including Apache®-based web servers, Linux/FreeBSD/UNIX mail servers, and MS Windows NT datawarehouse hosts. AEI has delivered such servers to, among others, its customers for use in medical support systems, security and surveillance systems, and Online Casino systems. AEI is an Intel IPD.

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Network Design, Installation, & Configuration: AEI designs and installs Networks ---- 10Gb, 1Gb, and 100/10 Mbps Wired Ethernet networks in both optical and CAT 5/5E configurations. AEI designs and installs Wireless Ethernet systems. Our installations include systems at MGM-Mirage and WagerWorks, Inc., and selected locations of the Best Western Hotel & Inn chain. Our systems have included DMZs with Cisco Firewalls and Intrusion Detectors, Alteon Load Balancers, Unix/Apache Webservers, and at least 26 Sun and other Unix servers in an integrated system, communicating over eleven different high speed networks. These systems include Veritas-failover for dual-hosted Oracle 8i/9i database servers on Sun platforms across Network Appliance network attached storage devices. All systems are remotely managed over Internet, using multiple host device interfaces, using SSH. Pubnet's Hospitality Network and System at a Best Western Hotel. Click here for details.
Our wired Network installations at Best Western Hotel & Inns span Ethernet in a Campus configuration, typically across multiple physical building structures in a single hotel complex. Wireless installations configurations vary with physical building layout. AEI provides Cisco hardware integration services.
Oracle Database and Applications: AEI installs, designs and implements Oracle database and applications. Our installations have included Oracle databases in a fail-over environment in an integrated system using Oracle, Veritas, Network Appliance NAS, and Sun hosts. AEI offers Oracle RDBMS and Oracle Applications integration services.

Reseller Operations: AEI is a Reseller and system integrator for Cisco, Elastic Networks, Intel, Oracle, Verisign and Veritas products. In its Security line of business, AEI integrates and resells hardware and software from North American, European and Taiwanese manufacturers of DVR, CCTV, GPS, Under Vehicle Imaging, X-ray Security baggage scanners, Explosive Vapor and Explosive Trace Detectors, and Thermal Imaging Cameras.

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