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AEI Security Systems is a distributor and reseller of equipment related to building and personnel security, with its executive offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and sales offices located in California, New York, and Vancouver, Canada.

AEISS provides security services and consulting to an array of high-profile businesses. Our offering includes Cargo Container Screening services for both air and ocean cargo containers, using high energy x-ray scanners.

In the area of networked real-estate security systems, our product line includes both wired and wireless (GSM/GPRS) hardware and system software, CCTV Systems with ballistic and explosion resistant IR/Day/Night camera systems, and 32/480 Digital Video Recorders.

Our Global Positioning System devices with RF/GSM/WiFi allow vehicle tracking, route planning and security for oil refineries and transportation companies. We offer selected hardware for remote archiving of security data at high frame speeds.

A number of airports in Pakistan under Pakistan Airport Security Force, and CCTV systems for religious real estate in California, are among major customers in this line of business.

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